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Introducing the AgriWebb Academy

An education program that upskills you and your employees, so that your business can achieve more with farm management software.

What is the AgriWebb Academy?

The AgriWebb Academy consists of a series of online courses that have been specially developed for AgriWebb users to optimize their adoption of farm management software. With six focus areas on the platform, you’ll be taken through the features that can help your operation thrive.

We’re actively creating more courses, so stay tuned for what comes next!

Why should you join the Academy?

Joining the AgriWebb Academy means you’ll get more out of AgriWebb. Current users can increase their knowledge of the product at their own pace, while new users will quickly master the facets of AgriWebb that are most relevant to them. On larger enterprises, the AgriWebb Academy helps to ensure that all your staff are using AgriWebb to its full potential.

Course summary

The academy delivers a series of short courses that highlight AgriWebb’s most valuable features. Each of the courses, listed below, ends with a quiz to make sure you have learned all that’s necessary for a valuable user experience.

Exploring Your Farm Map

AgriWebb is centred around your farm map. Learn how to use AgriWebb’s intuitive interface, to mark out fields for your ranch and add farm infrastructure.

User Management

Invite your staff and trusted advisors to the AgriWebb platform so that you can reap more dividends across your operation.

Task Management

Manage your day-to-day operations with GPS-enabled tasks, streamlining staff management to increase productivity.

Mob Management

Learn how to record your animal management practices at a mob level as they happen. Track livestock movements with AgriWebb’s simple drag-and-drop method offline, in the field.

Individual Animal Management

Discover how to set up your livestock with their unique ID tags and interpret the data so that you can uncover more opportunities to improve your productivity and profitability.

Inventory Management and Reporting

Keep track of your animal treatments and chemical inventory, logging batch numbers, withholding and expiry dates to stay compliant. Be prepared for on farm audits with accurate and simplified reports.

Join the AgriWebb Academy

AgriWebb users can sign up for the AgriWebb Academy today.

“I find the program intuitive, practical and powerful. It clearly has been developed by those familiar with farming and ranching. How refreshing.”

Victoria A, Oregon

“AgriWebb allows me to keep track of my various cow and stocker enterprises. It is easy to know not just where they are, but I also have reliable herd counts and transparency in my cost basis.”

Nolan S, Colorado

“Agriwebb is a one stop program that not only supports traceability and data collection, but is also a useful tool for both range and herd management. The customer service is incredible and the innovation is ahead of other programs in its class!”

Lori C., Woodland, CA
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