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16 product improvements suggested by you

16 product improvements suggested by you

A momentary shift in focus

With Individual Animal Management in the early stages of user testing, the team here at AgriWebb shifted focus to work on a bunch of ideas from the Ideas Portal. This what we call a fix-fest.

What is a fix-fest?

A fix-fest is a period of time (typically a week) set aside to work on a high volume of small feature requests, explore what’s possible, experiment and learn.

A fix-fest allows the team to think creatively, execute rapidly and deliver a range of product improvements. Some of the most valuable changes to the product have come out of past fix-fests so they’re a very important part of the development process here at AgriWebb.


Let us know in the comments which of these you’ve been waiting for:

Farm map improvements

Map insights on mobile

A better way to view map insights​

Not only are insight views now available on the Mobile App, but understanding them is easier than ever. For example, selecting the ‘Feed on offer’ insight not only changes the map colours and key but also displays the kg/DM/ha on each paddock. That makes it a lot easier to see what’s happening across the farm.

Drawing a pivot paddock on the farm map

Drawing a pivot has come full circle

With a pivot requiring an average of 40 clicks, it’s a task even internally that we drew straws on. Those days are over however. You can now create a circular paddock in seconds with a couple clicks.

The new range of landmark icons

More landmarks for a more detailed map

We’ve added a number of new landmarks to help you paint an accurate picture of your farm. Solar pumps, feed bins and baits have been added. Along with a refresh of all existing icons.

New paddock states

Paddock types for every scenario

Yards, feedlots and pens are now available as paddock types. Laneways and vegetation have been improved so they can now stock animals.

The range of map colours

Give your farm map a fresh coat

With more types to choose from, we have increased the colour palette so you can better differentiate paddocks on your map.

Paddock outlines view on the web app

A true paddock outlines view

On the Web App we’ve removed the paddock hover state so you can navigate your farm map and maintain full view of the satellite image.

Inventory improvements

Adding bulk inventory items

Add multiple inventory items faster

Speed up your inventory inputs by adding multiple containers of the same item in a single action. Just enter the number of items you’ve purchased and change batch numbers or levels that might differ between them.

Inventory archive button

Keep a clean inventory with ‘archive’

You can now archive inventory items that have been exhausted. This allows you to maintain all of the history associated with that inventory item without cluttering up your list of current items.

Inventory level labels

See inventory levels at a glance

We have introduced labels for inventory items so you can quickly identify those items that need to be replenished. Items are now labelled based on their state: Available, Low, Expired or Empty.

New inventory states

Greater control of the inventory list

Toggle between current and archived items and filter by inventory state on both mobile and web app inventory lists.

Reporting improvements

Reports layout on the mobile app

Find the report you need faster

We have given the reports area a refresh to make it easier to find the report you need. A navigation bar has been introduced to group related reports. Within each tab we’ve separated the record reports from the production reports and grouped them by their category.

The fertility report's two new columns

The fertility report receives 2 new columns

To provide insight into the natural increase of the flock/herd the fertility report now has the following 2 columns.

Marking % from scanned

The number of head marked as a percentage of the offspring recorded from scanning results.

Weaning % from scanned

The number of head weaned as a percentage of the offspring recorded from scanning results.

Other updates

Farm summary on the mobile app

Keep farm notes in the farm summary

No need to use a separate notes app to record general farm notes, ideas or thoughts you can now store notes in the farm summary. While you’re there you’ll also notice the farm summary received a facelift. It now offers a complete snapshot of your farm – with total DSE and animal figures, the average stocking rate and graphs detailing your animals by age class, breed and DSE.

Understand who created what records

Know who created the record

The name of each record creator is now visible in both livestock and paddock history timelines. We’ve also added a new report, Livestock activity by User. In there you’ll see a full breakdown of all livestock records from your farm and who created them.

Copying a mob on the mobile app

Copy a mob on the Mobile App

Previously only available on the Web App you can now copy a mob on the Mobile App.

See sale records on the mobile app

Add and edit sales in the Web App

Add or edit your mob sale records from the sale record report, or existing records in your mob history.

Have your say

Listening to you is critical to ensure we understand your problems and create the product to solve them. To have your say, visit the AgriWebb Ideas Portal at ideas.agriwebb.com or find it anytime you’re logged in under ‘Help’.

Let us know in the comments which of these you’ve been waiting for!

James O'Malley

Scott Brown
Product & Customer Marketing Manager

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