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Offline app

Know exactly what’s on hand

Enjoy full visibility into your inventory levels with all your feed, field treatment and livestock medicine available on your mobile device.

inventory list

Monitor your farm’s inventory levels

Don’t be caught without what you need.

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Print your inventory as a customised table or list to focus on what's important.

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Group like items together by batch number, type, title or description to know what you have on hand.

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For the ultimate flexibilty, download your inventory as a CSV to analyse or share the information.

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Show/hide empties

Filter your inventory list to show or hide empty items.

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Show/hide expired

Understand what items need to be discarded with the expired toggle.

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Duplicate existing inventory items and change the details you need to for quick inputs of new purchases.

record keeping

Easily enter new purchases

Using the AgriWebb mobile or web app, input your inventory items at the point of purchase and make them available instantly for medicine or feed records.

Record all the required inputs to satisfy your next audit. Along with a range of optional inputs that will help you determine your cost of production and inventory levels.

animal treatments

Select from a list of registered treatments

Speed up your inventory inputs with pre-loaded livestock medicines. All major animal medicines are listed with their withdrawal periods.

Inventory management

Record inventory usage in real-time

Apply a feed or medicine record to your animals and AgriWebb deducts the total from your inventory.

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