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The Operational Planner uses region-based science to create a personalised farm plan that will increase your productivity and efficiency. AgriWebb has collaborated with the animal health experts from Bayer Grow® to create tailored sheep and cattle programs. These programs help reduce the risk of disease, manage nutritional requirements and improve animal welfare.

By answering a few questions about your farm’s characteristics, AgriWebb will generate a custom farming calendar of operations. This farm planner is then populated based on a critical date, such as the start of joining, creating a calendar of events tailored to your situation.

Complete visibility

Understand how you’re tracking from the Operational Planner dashboard.


An enterprise defines a line of busines on your farm which can be tailored to match how you think about your farm, for example a ‘sheep enterprise’.

Add plans for different livestock management groups, such as a ‘breeding ewe’ group, and track your progress to improve day to day management and enterprise productivity.

Management group

Each enterprise consists of livestock “management groups”, a set of similar animals run in the same way. These are typically by sex, age class or how the animals came onto your farm, such as “Breeding Ewes” or “Trade Lambs”.

With management groups, you can track your progress to improve day to day management and analyse mob productivity.


Each livestock management group has a plan that defines best practice management for your specific location and conditions. Enter a key date, such as the start of joining, and events are automatically populated in an easy to use calendar format.


Easy to navigate calendar view

Familiar calendar format that makes farm planning easy. Know what needs to happen and when with this online farm planner.

GPS Enabled

Personalise with custom events

Add additional events to your operational calendars to perfectly align with your management practices and how you farm.

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Switch between management groups or show/hide events that are planned, done or ignored with the filter function.

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Calendar views​

Toggle between day, week and month views to understand what needs to be done and when

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Enjoy the ability to toggle between calendar and list views so you can use the Operational Planner in a format that suits you.

Insightful recommendations

AgriWebb has collaborated with the Bayer Grow® experts in veterinary science, animal health and welfare, to deliver best management programs throughout the Operational Planner.

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